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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

GASP....Sarah Palin bought a used tanning bed with her own money and had it installed in her living quarters. What will she do next? The nerve. She obviously doesn't care about the little people/Sarc

Puh-leeze. The media is a bunch of MORON'S. If I lived in Alaska I would be using a tanning bed.
In fact, I did use a tanning bed last spring. For about two months prior to going to Hawaii. I enjoyed it and it did make me feel better to get some sort of warm/light on me a few times a week. Fall and Winter in the Pacific Northwest are gray and drizzly. A lot of us suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder and the treatment for that is light therapy. I'm not saying Mrs. Palin or myself have the disorder. I just have experienced the benefits of tanning beds and I don't begrudge anyone the use of them. For the media to slather this all over the place is a waste of time. It just makes me despise the media all that much more.

Millions of people use tanning beds. Yes they can be over used. Yes they can be dangerous if abused. Shhhh....did you know that even the simple act of breathing causes cancer? But, only in small amounts over loooonnnnggg periods of time.

All those people (media, lawyers, investigator's) up there digging thru her trashcan and this is the best they come up with?



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