Some People Should Not Be Allowed To Own Computers (and don't even ask about the cell phone)  

Friday, January 9, 2009

Take my mil for instance. She called me on Monday with a request for our presence at a birthday party for fil. The date she wanted was already booked. I explained this and offered to send two of the five members of our family to the party. If mil wants to see all of us then she could schedule for the following weekend. She was reluctant to firm up that date and told me to discus with dh.

I emailed her a recap of our phone call and told her to plan on the following weekend when we could all be there. The next day she emailed and wondered again what date she should pick. To which I replied that if she would plan it for the date I gave her we would all be able to attend.

Now it's Thursday and here comes another email (I get the impression that she only knows how to send email) from her wanting to know what to do. Ya see this is her MO. She does it to everyone. Just keeps talking and harping til whoever she is talking to finally relents and gives her what she wants. It's been a test of wills between her and me for over 25 years now. Ya think she'd know by know that I will not be thwarted. LOL

Really, in the beginning this little game would turn snarky on my part. Now I just try to ignore it most of the time but, I've got stress this week and don't need the extra drain on my bandwidth.

She seems bound and determined to get me to cancel at least one major function so that we can drive six hours and eat a meal and turn around and drive six hours home. Oh, and then there's the dog to consider. What am I gonna do with the dog?..... cripes

I guess I shouldn't really worry about this at all since by the time March finally rolls around we may be asking mil/fil if we can move in with them. OH JOY

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