I'm not going anywhere!  

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wednesday nite at 8:30 I fell down and hurt my leg. I thought I just sprained it but it hurt pretty bad so we piled in the car and went to the urgent care at Interstate. That's about a 15 min drive. It wasn't too busy but we still sat for 2 and half hrs before I got back to the exam room. The doc asked me some questions and decided I should have xray's so that was another 45 min. It seemed like another hr before the doc came back and told me that my leg is broken right below the knee, the small bone that runs from knee to ankle. The nerve is not severed so I won't need surgery but I do have a splint from my nether regions to my toe's. Which means I will not be working in the baked potato booth at the fair OR going to Canada next week. I will call orthopedics and make an appt for next week where I hope and pray that they will want to do new xray's and find that it's just a bad sprain. Which would be bad enough but, more than likely I am going to have a full length plaster cast on my right leg for who knows how long. Which means I will not be driving myself anywhere anytime soon.
Getting into the house and onto my bed was LOADS of fun. Thankfully I did get a prescription for pain meds.

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