I'm a big yellow sticky note on my son's school records  

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'm sure it's just me but, I think you should be able to go to school without being subjected to flying Bio-Hazards. Last week the 14 year old boy told me someone spit on him (more than once) in his Science class. Rather than try to call the school (have tried that before, it just gets my blood pressure up) I emailed the teacher directly. See, they rely on their email now, don't bother trying to call. It's a waste of time. So, the incident happened on Thursday. I emailed teacher Friday morning. After two follow up emails I finally heard from the teacher on Monday morning. Seems he was sick Friday and had no email access ALL weekend. hhhmm a science teacher with no email access for three whole days....I ain't buyin' it.
He said he is referring (that means he sent him the the principal) the kid and calling his parents. That will solve the problem I'm sure.

Meanwhile, the school called last wed and invited me to an IEP mtg on Thur of this week. Ok, short notice but, ok. Then the school called on wed this week and canceled. I canceled my advocate. Then the school called back an hour later and said the mtg was back on at original date and time. Too late to re-schedule the advocate. I told them the time won't work now. Well the woman said, it has to be done by Oct. 7th. I'm now trying to find out if I can cancel the mtg. If I give them permission to go beyond the "drop dead date" on the current IEP. School says no but, what kind of a mother would I be if I took their word for it. They are only looking out for themselves, not my child. That job falls on me and I really don't mind being a witch with capital B when it comes to my children getting what they need. As of now, I think the mtg is scheduled for Tue. I haven't got confirmation on that tho.

Yesterday I called the district records dept and asked for a copy of the current IEP. The woman was confused about which IEP I wanted, she said I could not have a copy of the new one. I asked for the "current" one. She did have the foresight to check if it was there. It was not, it was in his file at the school. The school told me to call records. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing and most of the time this works to the school advantage. Not this time. I then called the school back and explained that I wanted a copy of the IEP and that I knew it was at the school for the mtg that was not going to happen. The woman wanted to know which one I wanted. Well it went thru my head what the woman at records said so I said both of them thinking that she would say I can't have both of them. She said ok. Score! 'course some of the stuff is not in the new one. I took them to a friends house and we looked over them and guess what....the date on the current one is December so according to the current IEP we still have two more months to do this mtg.

To Be Continued

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1 comments: to “ I'm a big yellow sticky note on my son's school records

  • Anna Glendenning
    October 5, 2008 at 11:12 AM  

    Seems so odd that my first grade son, Marty had to sign a contract with his teacher because "spitting" on the ground wasn't showing good school spirit... and lost his recess time for at least 2-full school days over spitting on the ground...

    I guess by Middle School it will be acceptable to spit on the ground or goober another student?


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