I'm a big yellow sticky note on my son's school records part 2  

Sunday, October 5, 2008

So, on Thursday of last week there were children passing poster's out that said "tell your mama to vote for Obama" Some of the kids were wearing these posters taped to their shirts. The agitated my son in his science class. He was very vocal in his dislike for these signs and of course because he reacted the kids tormented him even more.

On Friday morning I called the school district to find out what the policy on political signs was. The district says no political signs are allowed. The district then wanted to know where I saw these signs. I wasn't about to tell them, I wanted to talk to the principal of the school first.

I finally talked to the principal and she said she did see the poster's being handed out and that she stopped that. I told her about what happened in the science class and she hadn't heard about that. I said why would the teacher tell you about it? I'm sure he wanted to keep it quiet. She said that political themed t-shirts were ok. I'll be calling the district on Monday to find out the policy on posters taped to t-shirts.

Well, since we were on the phone anyway the principal wanted to know if I had any other issue's. I told her about the PE class problem, that C was supposed to be in adaptive PE. Because of scheduling problems he was offered gen ed PE and he accepted it. Then he was bullied. I told her I wanted him out of PE all together he is under weight and it's not like he needs it. I don't care if it's a state requirement. Exceptions are made all the time, make one.

I also told her about the IEP problem which she also knew nothing about. I explained that I could not go to the Thursday mtg because my advocate had already scheduled a mtg after I called her to let her know that the school had canceled the mtg for Thursday. "OH, why would you need an advocate?" she says. I told her that my husband won't be at the mtg and I'm not coming alone.

When we ended the call she said she would be attending the IEP mtg (now that she knows about it and the trouble I'm causing) Yes sir, Tuesday should be interesting.

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1 comments: to “ I'm a big yellow sticky note on my son's school records part 2

  • The Mind of a Mom
    October 16, 2008 at 11:08 AM  

    I love when they are so out of touch. I had one of these principals with my son and when we got into a meeting I just about lost it. He sides with the board so I calmly asked, when my son drops out in grade 10 because he has fallen that far behind, and you have not been there to help support him, where will you all be. That shut the room up and made them take notice. It was especially sweet when the principal got his new nicer attitude. I hope it all works out for you and him!


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