Gift Cards or Real Gifts for Christmas?  

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

For myself I really don't care but, my Mother in law wants to give the children gift certificates for the co-op store that she works in. The store is an eclectic mix of imported artwork and clothing items. Mother in law stocks imports from Central America. While I find the store mildly entertaining there isn't anything there the kids want. Isn't it all about the kids?

When I was their age I didn't so much care what was in the box as long as there was a box to open. What can you do with a gift card/certificate on Christmas morning? Then of course, the gift cards/certificates actually mean more work for the kids mom.

I can't help but feel like Mom in law is manipulating us as well. "I gave you gift certificates, now you have to spend time with me" as if we wouldn't spend time with her any way. 'Course her excuse is that she "just has no idea what to get the kids". That's easy, I could tell her what to get which I have done in the past.

Oh btw, Mom in law is quitting the store as of Dec 31. I can't help but think this is some hair brained scheme to unload her inventory. This is a long favored tradition with her. I remember she cleaned out her closets back when we first got married. We were stuck hauling all her cast offs to our house. I ended up disposing of it while dh was spending a year in Korea. Along with dh's size 13 Waffle Stompers. Ugh, never have missed those things.

Do you think I am being greedy?

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1 comments: to “ Gift Cards or Real Gifts for Christmas?

  • Anna Glendenning
    December 15, 2008 at 10:26 PM  

    No -- not at all! I don't mind when family from far away mails a gift card to me before Christmas and asks me to shop for the kids and put their name on it...

    I can't stand when someone hands my kids an envelope Christmas morning with some card that requires me to Work on Christmas the day after.

    Besides, I feel it's lazy for people to care so little about a kid as to not even take the time to get to know them enough to pick out a gift.

    My grandparents and family always gave me a gift that let me know they thought of me just a moment...

    Besides in my day the Cards just ended up in a pile and my parents constantly needed to remind me to at least ACT like I took a moment to read them...


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