Weekend Get-a-way  

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On Saturday last I took two girls from our local fraternal organization on a four hour drive for an official state officer visit. Both the Grand Bethel Honored Queen and Grand Bethel Guardian/Associate Guardian and their adult officers were in attendance. Along with Miss Washington Jobs Daughters.

We started out the evening with supper of soup and salad. Our choices were salmon chowder (yuck, I like my salmon grilled or baked by itself thank you), split pea and jobie stew. The later being made out of naughty jobie's.

On to the meeting. The HQ did a great job of running the mtg and of course as with any official visit the bulk of the evening was spent on escorts, introductions and honors. Being a Past Honored Queen, I get escorted and introduced. Not tooting my horn here, just splainin' for people that do not know that part of my history.

After the mtg we piled back in the car for the drive to our accommodations for the night. I was almost there when I discovered that I had left my coat at the mtg place. Doh. out hosts had to turn around and go back for it. I felt so silly.

On the way home we stopped at an outlet mall and I bought two new formal dresses for the 10 year old. She can't wait to wear them, would wear them to school if she thought she could get out the door with one of them on.

Next weekend is the sorority ( attended by Jobs Daughters, DeMolay,Rainbow and several other fraternal groups) ball. She really wants to go to that but, she has to clean her room first and I don't see a lot of progress. We will see. If she does go I expect to her to sit on the side lines watching. She's 10 for gosh sakes. She'd be to shy to dance. She can if she wants to tho, there will be plenty of chaperone's there I won't worry.

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